KS3 ICT @ Wildern School

Pupils at Key Stage 3 are assessed on their ability to plan, design, create and refine their work as well as relate their projects to the world of ICT.

In year 7, this is done through teaching skills such as a spreadsheets and databases in a cross curriuclar Performance Studies (PE) unit and Control Technology which includes programming robots and making simple computer games.

In year 8, professional web design and animation software is used to develop, create and evaluate websites and animated storybooks for different audiences.

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills are largely embedded in our schemes of work and pupils are encouraged to solve problems independently as well as work in a team, develop their creativity and reflect on their learning.
We offer ICT clubs after school in order to support pupils reach their full potential and a variety of trips and projects to enrich pupils learning and foster their interest in techology.

KS4 ICT @ Wildern School

ICT pupils at Wildern study the EdExcel DIDA course. Over the course of your three years you will complete three units, each unit is worth one GCSE.

Year 9 - Unit 1 Using ICT - In this unit you will build on the skills that you have learnt and develop new ones in preparation of Year 10 & 11

Year 10 - Unit 3 Graphics - In this unit you will develop your graphics skills in Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Photoshops.

Year 11 - Unit 5 Game Development - In this unit you will create your own computer game using GameMaker Pro

Creative iMedia

The Creative iMedia course provides an opportunity to explore creative media skills and techniques.  In each unit, you will develop your ICT & creativity skills by creating a product which meets the needs of a client.

Depending on which route you follow, and if you pass all the required units, you will achieve either an:

OCR Level 2 Award in Creative iMedia (9 units)
OCR Level 2 Certificate in Creative iMedia (24 units)

For each unit, you will research skills and techniques related to the topic.  At the start of the unit's assignment, you will plan how you will meet the client's needs within the deadline.  You will then design the product before creating the final digital version and test it against the client's requirements.  Finally you will review the effectiveness of the final product.