Cyberbullying Slogan House Competition

We had some fantastic results across all year groups for the 'Cyberbullying Slogan House Competetion'

Here are the winners with their winning slogans:

Year 7
1st Aidan Hawkes         'The Computer Says No! to cyberbullying'
2nd Henry Storey          'Like someone don't spite someone'
3rd Thomas Franklin     'Think Twice before you type'

Year 8
1st Megan Long            'Stop!Block!Tell!'
2nd Rhys Smith            'Don't be a bully, Be a star'
3rd Ella Clapton           'May be a laugh,but words really hurt'

Year 9
1st Emma Gargaro        'Once posted never deleted'
2nd Mitchell Spalgind    'Be Buddies not Bullies'
3rd Chloe Davey            'Send smiles, not cyber bullying'

Year 10
1st Chloe Gilbert          'If in doubt log out'
2nd Bethany Holmes       'With great wi-fi comes great responsibility'
3rd George Beard         'Don't feed the trolls'

Well done to all the winners, you were given Golds/Greens and your ICT teacher will give you a prize!

The slogans will also be used for future ICT e-safety posters and leaflets.